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Goal: $5000.00 | Raised: $4250.00 Started: July 6, 2012
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    Quest 4 the Truth is working very hard to raise money for a new van to transport my equipment and the Quest Crew to investigations and/or Quest functions. This is a must in order to achieve where we want to be. Brian, the Founder, and Joe, the Co-Founder, have a little motto they say after every investigation (or any other function) that is very fitting for this fund drive: "FOREVER FORWARD" The money that has been donated by my team has been used for, the Quest 4 the Truth van "Boo", equipment, suplys, the booth at the fair, gas and other needs. My team Joe, Tammy, Geno, Cheryl, Jack, Missy, Jodel, Vicky and Roxy have donated much more then money to Quest. They have donated there time, Joe, co-founder/Lead investigaor has donated countless hours helping prepare the office "the Abyss" research and development of new equipment, transfer of video, editing, going over evidence, advertising and promotions and much more, my right hand man.

Tammy, camera opporater/Lead investigator on team two, her time, promotions and evidence review.

Cheryl, investigator, time, research, promotions and eqipment.

Missy, investigator/sensitive, time, evidence review, her house for team meatings, office furnicher, removable hard drive for lap top, research and promotions, and other eqipment .

Geno, investigator/eqipment tec, historian, demonoligest time, evidence review, research, promotions, two T.V,s for office, a computer moniter

Top Donors

  1. Brian and Gloria - $3770.00
  2. Missy - $140.00
  3. Tom and Bonnie - $100.00
  4. Geno - $50.00

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  • 85.00%
    Quest 4 the Van Goal: $5000.00 Raised: $4250.00 7 donations

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