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my first paranormal encounter that I can remember was when I was like ten years old, I was running out of my bedroom to go outside and came face to face sort of with a woman dressed in black, she seemed to be floating above the floor, my feet went out from under me I ended up on my but doing the crab walk backwards, she had long hair and young looking but no color, I would classify her now as a shadow person, having mass but still somewhat transparent. She vanished as quick as she appeared, I never did see her again, and yes it scared the hell out of me. from that point on I was hooked, I went everywhere I thought I would see something, with friends my little sister or alone I didn't care I needed to learn more about this, so I read everything I could get my hands on, Listened to every story, started studying and taking notes. It has been a passion of mine from age ten, way before it was cool, and commercialized to the point of stupidity. 90% of the people out there saying they are Ghost hunters or paranormal researchers don't have a clue what there talking about, what they call evidence to me is laughable. my six year old granddaughter knows more about it then they do. well I'm rambling so I digress, I can't wait to see the evidence that you all have collected and to hear your stories, to investigate your story on location putting my years of research and investigating ability's to work for you, and unlike most so called investigators I never charge you a dime, I do this for science and to help those in need.

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