THE YARD OF ALE RESTAURANT AND BAR IN PIFFARD                                                                           

    I, Brian Hotchkiss, talked with managment in the beginning of April about conducting an investigation at the Yard of Ale. They were more than happy to have us come in.  We are the first and only paranormal group to investigate at this fine dining establishment to this date (that they are aware of). The date was set for April 14, 2012 and Brian, Joe and the rest of the team were chomping at the bit to get started.  This is a perfect time to introduce the Quest Crew. We have Brian H. (Founder/Lead Investigator) and Joe E. (Co-Founder/Lead Investigator) comprising Team one. Team two is Jack H. (Investigator), Geno E. (Investigator), and Vito F. (Investigator/Equipment Tech.). Team three is Tammy H. (Investigator/Camera Operater), Missy L.B. (Investigator/Sensitive), and Jodel Q. (Investigator). Team four is Cheryl M. (Lead Investigator/Sensitive), Roxanne S. (Investigator/Sensitive), and Vickie B. (Investigator). We have since gone back for what we call round two to investigate further using the Spirit Box.  This is a piece of equipment designed for the sole purpose of being able to talk with the souls that are still inhabiting the Yard of Ale. We were not disappointed. The Yard Of Ale has revealed to us the other side and produced some of the best evidence to date that we have ever captured on film, digital cameras, and audio. Some of the evidence that was captured: we received answers to questians on the DAR (digital audio recorder), we caught many orbs on digital cameras, and encountered shadow people--at least five different ones.  One we nick-named "The Creeper". This was from the first investigation .   We achieved the same results with the second investigation. I will be putting up all of the evidence on this web-site for all to see and enjoy.

We had a great turnout for the Reveal on May 6, 2012.  Most of the staff were there eager to see if we caught anything on our Digital Cameras, DVRs, (Digital Video Recorders), and DARs (Digital Audio Recorders).

                        TODAY'S TOP STORY  !!!                                                                                                                                                                        

          THE YARD OF ALE

Oh yes, they are with Ghosts. After reviewing the evidence we can say without a doubt that the Yard of Ale is Haunted!!!!!

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